Dubai Things : Bynd 72

I recently stopped by BYND 72, a pop up by Adidas Originals in D3, for The Art of Calligraphy Workshop by Day Al Araji. The space is hosting events focusing on creativity, and I have no idea why it’s called BYND 72. The workshop started with a brief overview of calligraphy. I learned that the proportions of the […]

Zhilathings : el Seed in Ajman

Drove up to Ajman today to check out the new wall mural being done by el Seed. Didn’t realize he would actually be working on it, and he waved at me from his post. 🙂 I did a bit of sleuthing to figure out the location but haven’t yet heard the meaning. He has mentioned […]


Eid Mubarak! Ramadan went by extremely fast (pun intended), and for Eid I traveled to Zanzibar with 12 of my colleagues. The highlight of the trip was probably the hours we spent playing Mafia, and the beautiful water during the moments when it wasn’t raining. We spent a couple of days in Stone Town, which […]

Beautiful Salalah

Hopped on a flight to Salalah for the long weekend, and Oh-Man, was it amazing! (See what I did there?) I’ll definitely be back in July for the khareef, when everything is green from the rains and the temperature will be much better than what’s sure to be sweltering in Dubai. Stay: Salalah Rotana Do: […]

Tech : Snapchat Spectacles

If you ask me what is the one purchase I’ve ever made that I regret the most, my answer would be Google Glass. I was part of the Glass Explorer program, and we all know how that turned out. I’m embarrassed to even admit how much I spent on becoming a nerdy cyborg (close to […]

Dubai Things : Superplasticizer

One of my all time favorite #zhilathings is calligraphy, and especially calligraffiti street art (hi el Seed) and art that has elements of calligraphy in it. Luckily I caught Vincent Abadie Hafez’s Superplasticizer exhibit at  The Mine in Dubai just before it ended. Reading from the exhibit notes, “For this new body of paintings, the artist […]

Trump’s Ban

Banned from traveling to the U.S. – she looks like she could be a real threat to the free world, right?  This post was was originally shared over at desertmannequin. As an Iranian with U.S. citizenship (I’m having a really hard time calling myself American these days), I count myself amongst the “lucky” individuals to not […]