Dubai Things : Superplasticizer

One of my all time favorite #zhilathings is calligraphy, and especially calligraffiti street art (hi el Seed) and art that has elements of calligraphy in it. Luckily I caught Vincent Abadie Hafez’s Superplasticizer exhibit at  The Mine in Dubai just before it ended. Reading from the exhibit notes, “For this new body of paintings, the artist […]

Dubai Things: Carpet Oasis

It’s Dubai Shopping Festival time, which means other than ridiculous sales at all the malls, there is an AMAZING carpet exhibition going on at the World Trade Center. Persian rugs are definitely a zhila thing (#ruglife forever), and I was basically in carpet heaven. I also learned a thing or two, such as the difference […]

#Ruglife : Hossein Rezvani

I attended the opening of “Carpetized!” at the Salsali Private Museum at Alserkal tonight, where Hossein Rezvani’s works were on display in collaboration with carpet gallery Iwan Maktabi. While I’m more of a traditional carpet lover, I appreciated the beautiful design and intricacy of Rezvani’s carpets, especially the works where you could see pieces of […]

Saturday in Sharjah

The most time I’ve spent in Sharjah up until now was the occasional airport trip to take AirArabia to Tehran, or that one time I took the bus to see the el Seed (which turned out to be a disaster because of course I got on the wrong bus and had to ask the driver […]

Hossein Edalatkhah: Beyond the Walls

I made a quick trip back to Tehran last weekend to see my mom before she headed back to the U.S. Our first stop was Shirin Gallery, for the opening of Hossein Edalatkhah’s exhibit, “Beyond the Walls.” As someone who is absolutely obsessed with tile art (have you seen my insta?), I loved every single […]