Dubai Things : Classic cars and Jangali manteaus

My dream car in high school was an old Volkswagen beetle, so when I found out my friend Nazgol had a classic here in Dubai, I was more than thrilled. Her “pepper white” 2003 model was the last year that they were made, and we took her out for a spin today, stopping for the best carrot cake in town at Lime Tree Cafe before cruising down Jumeirah. Check out Nazgol’s youtube channel Honestly Good Food, where she reviews restaurants in Dubai, and scroll down for photos of her amazing car. We’re both wearing Jangali.



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  1. Congrats on your new line!!!

  2. FYI I had two beetles, my first ones was a 1960 convertible! and the second one a brand-new new 1968 beetles that I bought for around $1900. I still have their photos somewhere.

    1. Like father like daughter! I still want one. 😉

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