Dubai Things : Superplasticizer

One of my all time favorite #zhilathings is calligraphy, and especially calligraffiti street art (hi el Seed) and art that has elements of calligraphy in it. Luckily I caught Vincent Abadie Hafez’s Superplasticizer exhibit at  The Mine in Dubai just before it ended.

Reading from the exhibit notes, “For this new body of paintings, the artist uses a superplasticizer mixed with cement, rubble, and sand from the streets of Dubai—the raw materials of the city—to create texturally rich canvases. The surfaces are then worked over in his characteristic caligraffiti style which he originated in the 1990s. Borne out of his twinned interests in Arabic calligraphy and street art, its inherent ephemerality is acutely suited to a city defined by its transience.”

I love that the paintings are actually made of pieces of Dubai, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a building in Satwa that he’s painted, so that’s definitely on my list of places to photograph. Unfortunately the exhibit has already ended, but highly recommend following his future works.


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