Iran Travels Part 1 : Shiraz

I just returned from an amazing 10 day trip to Iran for Eid al-Adha, where I visited Shiraz, Kashan, and Tehran. I’ll be splitting it into separate posts for each city I visited, starting with this one about Shiraz. Shiraz is the city I was born in, but this was only my fourth time visiting after leaving when I was two years old. There’s something so emotional for me every time the plane touches down in Iran, perhaps it’s the feeling that I am coming home, and this time was no different. (Or it could be because the flights are always so turbulent, and I’m just thrilled to be alive.)

Shiraz is definitely a sleepy city; it’s known for it’s beautiful gardens and famous poets, like Saadi and Hafez. It’s chill vibes all over. It’s a Shirazi tradition to take afternoon naps, and I definitely participated in this ritual, since I was exhausted from an intense work trip to Cairo the week before and would tend to just pass out after a lunch of chelo kabob.

What I especially love about Shiraz are the beautiful mosques with the pink and yellow floral tiles. There’s the Vakil mosque, connected to the main bazaar, as well as Nasir ol Molk mosque, also known for its beautiful stained glass.

Here are a few of my favorites from Shiraz:

Favorite Restaurant for lunch/dinner: basement of Haft Khan

Favorite Brunch spot: Legato cafe

Favorite clothing shop: Bicycle boutique

Favorite place for buying nuts/dried fruit: Tafreshi Nuts

Favorite garden: Eram garden

Favorite big mosque: Shah e Cheragh

Favorite small mosque: Nasir ol Molk

Favorite day trip: Hiking at nearby Ghalat

Nasir ol Molk mosque
Nasir ol Molk mosque
Vakil Mosque ceiling detail
Vakil Mosque ceiling detail
I have this thing with floors
I have this thing with floors… at Nasir ol Molk
Vakil mosque
Rug life at Vakil mosque
Shah cheragh
Shah e cheragh stained glass and mirrors
Brunch at Legato
Brunch at Legato
Haft Khan restaurant
Haft Khan restaurant
Tafreshi nuts
Hiking at Ghalat
Hiking at Ghalat


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  1. Great writing, enjoyed it, looking forward to your Kashan trip.

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