Saturday in Sharjah

The most time I’ve spent in Sharjah up until now was the occasional airport trip to take AirArabia to Tehran, or that one time I took the bus to see the el Seed (which turned out to be a disaster because of course I got on the wrong bus and had to ask the driver to randomly stop when I realized what happened). But it turns out Sharjah is somewhat of a hidden gem, especially when it comes to art. We visited the Sharjah Art Foundation to see the Yayoi Kusama exhibit “Dots Obsessions” and the Flying Saucer for Robert Breer’s “Time Flies” exhibit, where all of the pieces had some sort of movement. We also stopped by a cool hipster coffee shop, Ratio, which we will forever pronounce “Rat-io” (sorry Pete), and finished the day with some delicious mandi for 17 AED. So many #zhilathings.

yayoi kusama


yayoi kusama


flying saucer

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