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If you ask me what is the one purchase I’ve ever made that I regret the most, my answer would be Google Glass. I was part of the Glass Explorer program, and we all know how that turned out. I’m embarrassed to even admit how much I spent on becoming a nerdy cyborg (close to a month’s NYC rent), but apparently I didn’t learn my lesson because I’ve once again ventured into the world of tech optical wearables. Enter the picture – Snapchat Spectacles.

Since Spectacles have now opened up to the masses in the U.S., and I knew my dad was visiting Dubai, I decided to place my order just in time for him to bring over. (They are also available by third party retailers in Dubai, like the Virgin Megastore, but extremely overpriced.)

I purchased the black pair because duh, but they are also available in Coral and Teal, and retail for $129.99. I was immediately impressed with the design, not just of the glasses, but more so of the case, which itself charges the glasses.

Pairing to my phone was a breeze, and any snap I take on Spectacles shows up in the Memories section of the app, under the Specs tab. From there I can decide whether or not I want to share with friends or add to my story, and I like having this control over my content, although I think a nice feature would be to directly publish from Specs. There are some snaps that are highlighted with a star, but as usual, Snapchat doesn’t do a good job explaining how or why this happens.

Overall the product is fun, and is useful for capturing moments hands-free, like this reunion with my bestie Zahra. The video quality is not as good as the camera on my phone, but it’s not dramatically worse when compared to snaps from my phone in my story. I am a bit nervous to wear them in public, and I am very careful not to use them when there are strangers around in order to make sure I am not breaching anyone’s privacy or filming someone that does not want to be filmed. While I do use my phone to take snaps in public, I think since this is a newer technology and not as obvious as holding up a phone, it’s important to be responsible and more aware when using.

What do you guys think? Would you wear Specs? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. I am no gèek, so I wòn’t wear it

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